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Charlie and Kathy, two of three owners, enjoyed making grape wine and beer at home. After suffering with tinnitus and hearing loss, Charlie discovered that he had a gluten allergy that was the cause.  This resulted in him o longer able to drink beer.  So  Charlie and Kathy started to make mead - "the Nectar of the gods."   Using honey from their own bee hives they began producing amazingly good tasting mead.

In 2015 they along with Charlie's son Kurt decided to turn this hobby into a business.  Like many start-ups, their venture began in a neighbors small garage.  After a year long search for a location they finally found a home for their business in the historic depot section of Marion, NC.  Taking almost two and a half years, along with their blood, sweat and tears, to remodel an old furniture store warehouse they were finally able to open the doors to Keeper's Cut Meadery in May 2019.


Today you can find well over 12 meads served in their beautiful tasting room or available to purchase online and at many retail outlets.

The 3,000 sq. ft. facility is also available for weddings, parties and other events.  You will find a spacious patio for your outside enjoyment and a covered deck that is heated during cooler weather where you are surrounded by hop plants that is used in some of the mead.

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